Milton reviewing Cogburn Road subdivision plan

by Brian and Ashley Vanderhoff 08/12/2019

MILTON, Ga. — A proposed subdivision along Cogburn Road is under the city’s review for possible approval. The plan calls for 12 single-family homes on 17.2 acres north of the Wyndham Farms neighborhood. 

The subdivision, dubbed Cogburn Creek, was first proposed to the city’s Planning Commission in March but has remained on the drawing board with the neighborhood’s site plan undergoing updates. Planners got a look at the revised site plan at their July meeting. 

The first site plan called for 11 homes on 14 acres, but the owner, Georgia-Tennessee Development Partners LLC, reorganized the site to include an additional home and more acreage to lower the density of the overall site. 

According to city staff, the site meets the requirements for an AG-1, or rural residential, development, but at least one lingering issue remains. 

The neighborhood plan calls for a detention pond along Cogburn Road frontage, which has been the focus of the city’s examination. In a presentation to the Planning Commission, city staff noted “concerns regarding the practicality of a natural detention pond that can serve the entire development fitting within the area indicated on the site plan.” 

A representative with the developer said he was certain the site would meet water quality and stormwater requirement, and he proposed a 3- or 4-foot high retaining wall around the pond. He said the wall will be composed of stone, would be “attractive,” and would supplement a landscaped berm adjacent to the pond. 

City staff did not recommend the addition of a wall to the site plan. 

The commission recommended the site planner conduct an engineering study on the feasibility of the pond serving the stormwater needs of the entire development. They also suggested additional studies on traffic and potential stream silting. 

One resident has voiced concern that runoff could result in silting on a nearby creek. He said the creek flows into a nearby lake, but the lake’s water level has been lowered recently due to silting issues in the creek that runs near the proposed neighborhood. 

The city will review the site plan for a possible land disturbance permit after the developer’s engineer has completed an updated study.  

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