Homes For Sale In Gorgeous Sicilian Village For $1

by Brian and Ashley Vanderhoff 11/22/2019

If you want to visit Italy, it will probably run you at least a few thousand dollars, but now, you can buy a house there for just one euro, or $1.11. That's the price of a bunch of homes in the Sicilian town of Mussomeli. Sure most houses in Sicily cost between $300,000 and $3 million, but for pocket change you can own one in the hillside village. Not surprisingly though, there is a catch. All the houses up for sale have been abandoned, so the new homeowners will be required to renovate them, and that can carry a pretty hefty price tag.

So what's the deal with the low prices? It's part of a not-for-profit project that hopes to revitalize the town. Many people left the town in the countryside decades ago to live in the big city, but selling the houses cheap means getting new residents, and with new residents comes a boost in the local economy.

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