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What Clients Are Saying

We have used the services of Brian Vanderhoff to sell two different properties. His research, commitment to service, and follow-through allowed us to sell these properties quickly and receive maximum value for each. We highly recommend him and his services to anyone that wants the highest level of service and commitment to any real estate service that you may be evaluating. Great person and a true professional.

Neal Stevens and Gilda Barrett

Neal Stevens & Gilda Barrett - Satisfied Home Sellers - Multiple Properties

Brian has been absolutely invaluable in the home-buying (and selling) process. My wife and I purchased our first home (a condo) in 2014. We sold it and purchased our current home in 2018. Brian was our agent for all three processes.

Brian simply understands the Atlanta real estate market and he knows what to look for in homes, be it red flags or value-adding features. He knows that buying a home can be scary, particularly for younger people, and he has always done a great job of alleviating concerns and fears. In both of our purchases, we were (arguably) very picky because we knew exactly what we wanted in a home. Brian was incredibly patient with us as it took almost a year to find our current home.

As a client, Brian will fight tooth and nail for you and seems to always find a middle ground such that all parties are happy and satisfied.

I can't recommend Brian enough.

Devan and Joanna Graham - Satisfied Home Buyers and Sellers - Multiple Time